Thursday, September 18, 2008

David's Special Day

David was baptized this past Sunday. It was a very special day. Friends came from all over to share in this day with us. And of course, most of our family was there too. David was a little nervous, but he was so brave. We were very proud of him.

l-r Gwyn Richards Brandi, Gloria Richards, Jennifer Chandler, JP Benton
Esther Benton, Becky Benton, Brian Benton, Jan Scott, Barron Scott, Chris May.
After the service, the church was having a spaghetti lunch fund-raiser. So it was nice to have a good group to sit and chat with to finish off the day.

l-r Abigail May, Loreli Brandi, Julia May, Ava Chandler, David May, Seth Chandler, Caleb May
The Kids

Pastor Billy and Mrs. Donna enjoying lunch.


Amy said...

Tell David that we love him and are very proud of him!

The Hall's said...

That is great! It is such a relief as a parent when they take this step!

Miss you!