Friday, June 8, 2007


Chris had some wonderful surprises planned for our tenth anniversary. The first was that he had my parents watch the kids for the weekend. Then Friday evening when he got off work we got dressed up for dinner and went to Saltgrass. Of course Chris had come to pick me up with a dozen roses in his hands. From there, we went to our favorite hang-out...Barnes and Noble, then to Half price books. I could get lost in a book store. Time just seems to stand still when I am surrounded by good books. Then we went to blockbuster and finally home. Where Chris blacked out the windows in our bedroom and turned off our phones so we could sleep late on Saturday. On Saturday, we awoke late and it was raining. So Chris' plan for a picnic in the park got canceled. So we had sandwiches for lunch and went to Mardel's, and grocery shopping at Target. For the evening, Chris took me to downtown Fort Worth where we ate at UNO. This is a Chicago pizza place. And would you believe that we actually ate at the original UNO when we were in Chicago right after we were engaged ten years ago. Then on Sunday we went to our friends wedding. It was a wonderful relaxing anniversary weekend. Did I tell you what my gift was? Chris and I took ballroom dance lessons. How the next wedding I work I will feel more comfortable on the dance floor. The big picture of me is my surprise to Chris, when he checks the blog, there will be a treat for him! I thought it was good picture of his wife who is older than him.

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Amy May said...

I can't believe its been ten years! It sounds like yall had a wonderful time.