Saturday, June 16, 2007

The End of VBS

WOW! What a week. VBS has come to an end and I am pooped. Myself, Rhonda, and Amy were in the office doing registration. Wedgwood had VBS at 6 locations and we were the hub for all the information to come to. We input the children's information cards, assigned them to their classes, and then did attendance. This process took a couple of hours. If Rhonda's husband hadn't created this software program called "" we would have been there FOREVER! Thankfully Rhonda had bought Starbucks, Chocolate, and munchies to make the time fly. The kids all had a good time and I was really glad they each learned something different. David learned a new song that he just loves to sing now "Amazing Love". I love the words to it and that he is 7 years old and teaching it to his siblings.

I'm forgiven, because you were forsaken.
I"m accepted you were condemned.
And I'm alive and well your spirit is within me.
Because you died and rose again.

Amazing Love how can it be
That your my king who died for me.
Amazing Love I know its true
Its my joy to honor you (in all i do i honor you).

You are my king, you are my king ,Jesus you are my king
Jesus you are my king.

I know that God is working in our family. I feel so thankful that He has given me these precious children. I am so glad my husband makes countless sacrifices for me to be home with them. I wouldn't want to miss a moment of God working in their lives. And when David sings this, I feel so at peace. I wonder how God feels to hear his children sing.

One night Amy, Rhonda and I sat out on my front porch for what we have named "Porch Therapy" where we bring our favorite drink and munchies and just catch up. Well on this particular night we saw what we thought was a shooting star, and then it got brighter so we guessed comet, rocket, & plane, as we watched it fall from the night sky. The next day we learned it was a meteor. That was really cool!! Just another reminder as why I like the open Texas sky, star lit nights, and the God who created them all!

For those of you who read this often, please continue to keep Chris and I in your prayers. We have 11 months until Chris graduates and we are praying for God's direction in the next ministry He calls us to.

Have a BLESSED week.

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