Friday, June 8, 2007

David turns 7!

David is going to tell you about his birthday. I had a Lego birthday. I played drop the Lego's in the bucket. And we had a Lego building contest. We gave awards to winners in different Lego areas. Like Tallest structure, Most buildings, Most creative, and more. Mrs. Rhonda came over and decorated my cookie cake. It had "Pepper" the Lego person on it. Mrs. Rhonda did a really good job. I got some nice gifts like the Eye Toy for my PlayStation 2 from Grandma Jan and Daddy Barron, My Mom and Dad gave me a kids video camera, Uncle Nate gave me Shark Attack Lego's, my friends all brought me Lego's. I even got a bionicle. And with all the birthday money I got I bought a skateboard and I bought my brother a marvel hero. Since he didn't have a birthday for a long time. It was a fun day. Here is mom's note...Can you believe that is David on the skateboard???? Caleb rides it too. Oh My!


Amy May said...

I wish I was there for your birthday. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love you so much!

Rhonda Baker said...

Wow, that Pepper Cookie cake is really cool...he even has POCKETS. :)