Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One CRAZY Week!

Wow, It has been one crazy week. It seems like we have been busy everyday. I kid you not, there were kids at my house everyday last week. Not that I mind, but I was sooo tired. Friday night I did get a little escape. Rhonda, Amy, Ms. Gail and I went to the Lake House to scrapbook. I got a lot of pages completed. And I got to unwind by the water. In February the water was down at the Lake due to the drought. However, the rain has been a huge blessing to us. And the water was up to the wall. This is a huge deal.

I sat by the water and was telling Ms. Gail about how good God has been to us lately. I enjoy sharing the little blessings God sends our way as well as the BIG ones. Our home church Lakewood Baptist has sent us two checks recently that covered some of our bills. And Amy's brother gave us some deer meat, that we were able to share with some other families in need. I love when God blesses us and we get to share the blessing. We have several families that support us every month. And some of them probably think their gift to us is so little, but it is so big to us. I find that it is so hard to say Thank you. It feels so hollow when something means so much. I wish there was a word that meant Thank you but that packed a punch!

My children have been so good lately. It is great to be a mom. And I really love being Chris' wife. We have been really praying about what the Lord would have us do once Chris graduates. We don't know exactly what God has in store for us, but we do know what we feel like He is calling us to do. We think we are suppose to use our home as a ministry for Him. We have looked into Cadence International running a Hospitality House for Military families. We like the idea of having game night and Bible Study in our home, and cooking for families, and I really liked the idea of mentoring moms and starting a Military MOPS group. We don't know if this is exactly the outlet the Lord has for us. But we know that He has clearly shown us that Ministry in our home is a perfect fit for us.

We did have game night this week. It was good to have the Newlyweds Michael and Rachael with us before they leave for their mission trip to France. And we always like having the Baker Bunch. We played our new Favorite group game "Time's Up" and then a game of "Wits & Wagers". After we had homemade pizza we played spades. We hadn't played that in so long, it was great fun!

So this was our CRAZY week!

So this has been our CRAZY week!

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