Friday, June 8, 2007

Funny things tonight

I just have to let you all know how funny life is here. Right now Julia is rocking a banana. Singing it "Dancing" songs. Abigail is bathing herself in the laundry basket with the clean socks as her bubbles and washcloths. We covered the side of the boys bottom bunk and made a pirate ship. We put the baby bed rail on the top bunk and made a "poop deck" and a cabin filled with pillows. The kids thought this was great. David wore his tricorn hat and played the roll of captain. We all played in there for several hours today. Until Mom fell overboard to cook supper. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful children. Yesterday we had a steady stream of friends stop by and it was a huge blessing to all of us. We know our time at seminary is limited and we are grateful for our good neighbors and friends. God has been abundantly good to us and we feel so fortunate.

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