Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God's Protection

Monday night was VERY SCARY for us. We had just laid down to start listening to the Bible, when my new phone (Thank you MAMA!!), alerted me to severe weather. No sooner had I opened the phone then I noticed the back corner of the tent pulling. Now we had been having some rain and up in the clouds lightning. But as soon as I said "Chris, I think we should get in the van." It was like the storm was on top of us. Chris opened the tent door to look out, turned around and said "let's go." He ran out and opened the van door. I screamed at David to get up and run to the van. Chris came back grabbed the next kid, I grabbed one, and then I ran back to get the next one as soon as I looked back as I was leaving the tent, the whole thing came down. Chris and I ran back to grab stuff, and try to shut the door hoping to keep as much rain out as possible. We went by the KOA owners house and told him our tent had collapsed, and that we were seeking shelter int he bath house. We parked in front of the bath house waiting for it to blow owner before unloading everyone. Rob, (the KOA owner) drove next to us in his truck and told us we could stay in the cabin for the night. He went and did a patrol. One motor home had a limb fall on it and break it's AC unit, and had the hood smashed in. Another families entire tent was crumpled and they threw it in the trash and headed back home, 5 minutes away. Chris unloaded us at the cabin, while he made several trips back to salvage anything good. No One really cried. Caleb got a little upset, but mostly because we woke him by screaming. A neighbor across from the cabin came over and brought enough sleeping bags and blankets for us to sleep on since ours were soaked. When Chris came back to the cabin I had all the clothes out of the suitcases and hung any way I could. Chris and I got into bed and then I said "you can hold me now." and I proceeded to cry. It was scary, and both of us had gotten a really good scare. We spent Tuesday assessing damage, drying and washing clothes, blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, and shoes. One tent pole was broken and one joint was split. We were able to get a substitute pole from Wal-Mart and The joint repaired with duct tape. We sleep wiser last night. All suitcases slept in the car, only PJ's and today's clothes, one critter, and hardly no electronics. We have wind and a few showers expected today, we are planning a trip to the mall.... We are so thankful that God protected us and kept us safe! We enjoyed the pool yesterday after all our hard work on the tent repair,and were able to eat lunch at "the man with the face" aka: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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