Tuesday, June 15, 2010

camp adventure

Today's camp adventure is ....different. Last night we got new neighbors. A soldier and his family. He hasn't been home from Afganistan long. It was so good to be with "our people". Mr. Joe was back. He had moved sites, he was afraid we were gonna get a bad storm. Mr. Joe was right. It sormed really bad. The lightning was very loud. The storm didn' last long, and we stayed nice and dry. Our giant battery died in the middle of night, not bad since it was cool out, but a valuable lesson. This morning Chris learned that it charges faster and better with the DC plug in the car. So..good to know. Our skillet gave out cooking this morning too. Now some of you might think some of these difficulties are bad things, or that God is trying to tell us something. I believe He is teaching me that what I think is bad is Him wanting to do something better. Like the nice big double stack air mattress I never would have if the other one hadn't died or the camp stove we are in rote to get. So remember God always has something new to teach us.


Paula said...

Elizabeth, I'm following your adventure with great interest! Thanks for updating here. I'm praying for you, especially, today. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Love, Paula

Just My Life said...

Reading your adventure posts with admiration for you and your family!