Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, here is what I have learned this week:

If you can't get the permanent filth from between your toes while camping, don't worry..all the other campers look the same.

You may want to repaint your nails, but getting in the turtle shell in the rain is a pain!

Taking the surge protector to the Starbucks is a brilliant idea.

The new smartphone is a life saver...Literally.

Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the sunshine can cause a sunburn.

Swimming all afternoon will cause you to start snoring mid-sentence. Fortunately the Hubby is understanding.

Sulfur water in the closed up bath house really stinks!!

Little girls are preciously cute in the sunshine.

Little boys give the best hugs after a long day swimming.

Everything taste better cooked over an open campfire.

My hubby can cook a mean steak on a fire pit!!

To keep ones tent nice and dry, stuff all belongings into the sleeping bag and put on parent's air mattress.

Arguing does not solve anything!

Making up with each other can be awkward but rewarding.

Friendships made at campgrounds are very good for you.

Starbucks WiFi is Awesome

Redbox movies make the rain and the heat better when watched indoors. is fun to shop no matter where you are (David's).

Playing games with Daddy is good (Julia's)

I am enjoying our time camping. I do look forward to each new destination and the people God is placing in our path to help and encourage us and for us to do the same for them.

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