Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Praying for Countries

This morning I started the day off sitting on my front porch in the freezing cold with my Bible and a cup of coffee. I began reading in Proverbs 28:2 "When a country is rebellious it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order." And it just jumped off the page at me.

So I spent some time praying for our country and the hearts of the people in our country. And the more I did this the more my heart began to pray with Joy over in Zambia. They are having their Presidential elections this week. And you can imagine what uneasy feelings are going on in that country. You can follow along with Joy in her blog (see list on left).

Please pray for both of these countries in the coming days and weeks. I am praying for God to make it clear to the people of our country who that Man of understanding is. I know John McCain is this man.

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Gayle said...

Ditto - you go girl!