Friday, October 24, 2008

Change is Happening....

We are undergoing a lot of changes at our house:

1. Chris started his new job as the Minister of Preschool and Children at Lakewood Baptist Church.

2. We are getting our produce from the Saturday Downtown Market in Columbus, GA

3. I am trying to feed us as much organic as I can. ( Three years ago, Sylvia tried to teach me about organic eating and making my own bread. A year later my parents gave me a mill and a bosch. So I started making my own bread. I began to realize the damage of milk with growth hormones and antibotics). So I have slowly made changes to get us to where we have to be all or nothing. So I am trying my best to only feed our family the best quality.

4. We are trying to reduce all our spending. I am sure everyone else is feeling the pinch, but when you have 6 people in your family, you have to work really hard at it. So I am trying to make this a big priority.

5. David is for now an after-school, evening- schooled kid. Chris helps him on his school work in the evening and then Chris and I discuss what David needs to do the next afternoon. We have done this all week, and it has really helped David a lot. He seems to be able to focus better. I guess he is too much like his Dad. Let me just say, it has been a HAPPY week!

6. A new schedule. We are working better at staying on a regimented daily schedule. So far, so good. Now if I could just get up earlier it would be great! I actually did get up early one day this week, had my quiet time with the Lord, and crawled back in the bed til the kids got up. Nice thing about tomorrow, I get to try again.

How about you, any changes in your life or lifestyle??


The Hall's said...

Congratulations on Chris' new job! That is great! Can't wait to hear how God uses all of you!

Jenay Hale said...

Congrads on the new
Crazy stuff here. I started school in the fall...I LOVE IT!!! I am working on my associates for sign language! I think
about you and your family all the time and pray all the time too...