Friday, October 24, 2008

The Hudson's Visit

To try and sum up the trip with the Hudson's is impossible to do. When they pulled in the driveway, I wasn't sure if I should hug the kids or Amy first. This family is so precious to us. That just last night Chris asked if he could play online with his best friend Jeremy. I for see that we will have many wonderful years of friendship, and not just the adults, but the kids as well. It was really strange, watching them head back to Texas. I felt like it wasn't the first time we would leave each other. I felt like we were starting on the first of many road trips to be with our friends. God has richly blessed us. And we are all so very thankful and grateful for this gift from God.


Wedgwood MOPS said...

All feelings are felt by the Hudson family as well and the next road trip better be soon!!! Love y'all!

Amy Hudson said...

ugh! I wish it wouldn't post as my mops site but my personal site! The above comment is from me.