Sunday, March 2, 2008


I haven't blogged much this week, because I have been at work on the FACETS of a Woman Conference at our church. My best friend, Amy Hudson and I were together on the special Events team, serving in the position of Breakfast decorations, and lunch tables. We had a really great time in the preparation. Now for the conference, it was amazing. Our main speaker, spoke on the topic of forgiveness and grace. It was really good to take time to really think and ponder and let the Lord speak. Then we got to go to break out workshops. The first one I went to was Mrs. Kay Meredith's, our pastors wife, she spoke on our brains. And how our brains are working differently than they did 30 years ago. It was interesting, I wish it had lasted longer. The second workshop I attended was Luajanna Ross' Prayer. God has revealed some great and exciting things about praying. I think our ladies class is going to have to get her to come to our class for a longer workshop. She is one of those ladies you could just sit at her feet and let her teach you. Then we broke for lunch. It was really tasty and the dessert was out of this world! Then we went to our third workshop which was missions. I just wanted to check it out. We had a good time, playing a world focus game like jeopardy. It made me realize I need to be more aware of the world around me. Our last general session was about Grace. And how God's grace is enough to cover all our troubles. And if we don't allow him that, we are putting ourselves above God. That was a new way for me to think about it. It ended with all of us coming down front for prayer. I was moved when my two dear friends sat on either side of me and prayed. I was humbled to tears, when we prayed about my leaving. God has blessed me with some great friends at this church, and I will truly miss them all. I was doubly blessed, because my mom and my neighbor got to come with me. That was like icing!
After the conference the girls from my Sunday School went to Blue Masa for a de-briefing session. This was very insightful, and I truly think this was a great close to a long week. We got to laugh, share our favorite things from the workshops, talk about what God had revealed, and discuss any questions we had. It was so nice to be in an environment where I felt safe to be vulnerable. Thanks to Andrea, Sharon, Tonya, and Amy who hung until late, and a thanks to Pam, Kim, Melinda, and Rachel for a fun dinner! It was a gift to be with you all!
I still can't find all the words to let you know how great this conference was. Let me just sum it up to say that my cup is full and over-flowing. It has been a fantastic weekend.


Amy Hudson said...

I love you too friend!

Peas on Earth said...

It was certainly our pleasure!!! Now, if you could just get your table decorators to come through ..... *cough, cough*