Saturday, March 8, 2008

4 Years Old

It is so hard to believe Abigail and Julia are 4. It seems like just yesterday I was amazed to be holding two babies, and trying to figure out who was who. Four years later I am still amazed. In fact, I often feel the same way I did the moment I saw them on the ultrasound...Blessed. I am so thankful to serve a living Savior. God was true to his Word. He heard the desire of my heart, and gave me girls. I feel so blessed to not only have 2 sons, but 2 daughters as well. I feel full and delighted!
For the party today, the girls invited a few of their friends to join them for a baby doll picnic. All the girls had a good time playing with the baby doll food and eating cupcakes. Abigail and Julia were so thankful for each and every gift. in fact, 5 hours later, they have tried on every article of clothing, opened every present (minus the play-doh & bear stitching), feed their dolls cupcakes a good 10 times, and have counted their pet shops until they get confused and start over. Julia is even wearing a swimsuit, pink shirt, and a dress all together. Because she is soooo happy to have so many nice things.
Smiling while waiting for the party to start. Chris gave the girls these special
Happy Birthday plates.
Enjoying the picnic

Gabby and her baby

Molly Jayden and Jack-Jack

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The Hall's said...

CUTE PARTY! It is hard to believe they are 4. They were 9 months old when we moved here. Time sure does fly! Thanks for your comment on the pictures. I use lots of different programs but my favorite and the one I used on those is a web based program called picnik. I really want PhotoShop but... Maybe one day!