Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Adventures During These Days!
We have been packing boxes. We had this bright idea. Okay, mostly it was my idea, but Chris thought it was good too. We moved the girls into the boys room. And have turned the girls room into the box room. These kids were so excited to get to have a 6 week sleep-over, they were willing to clean and clean and clean to make room. So now, we can hear the giggle of 4 little children having private conversations. I tried to sum this up in my scrapbook, by saying that I would never be able to truly scrapbook these moments. As these are moments that only shared by them. God is so wonderful to give us 4!
I must also announce that box #25 has been packed!! This is a big deal for me!
And the Grand Finale....David has completed his reading books. I thought he would want to say he was finished until next year, but he just asked where the next set was. I was really happy with the improvement. This is the same boy who at the beginning of the year, was not very happy about reading!

Now for Today's little tale....This time on Caleb. Now for those of you who remember, The boys have the bunk beds from the cabin. Well since Indiana Jones (david), his father (caleb), his sister (abigail), and his girl (julia) all live here, there have been quite a few adventures. So today, Caleb hooked his belt onto the post of the top bunk and climbed up to the top bunk. He had to help Indi! Needless to say, we reviewed a chapter of Bed safety that I believe we had not written until that moment. Because as parents, you never expect to have Indiana Jones' Father climbing up the corner post on the bunk bed.

Most of you probably feel the same way I do. God has blessed me with the treasure of these children. Their Daddy and I enjoy each moment with them....the crazy days, the adventure days, the home-school days, and the cuddling, Hug & Kiss Days. May you delight in yours today!

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The Hall's said...

Sweet post! WOW-only 6 weeks! I keep telling Aaron to run by and get that little car for the girls and he keeps forgetting but I will get him by there one day!