Friday, February 22, 2008

Lego Days

Lately, the boys have been building a lot stuff with LEGO's. And since Chris let them watch Indiana Jones, and there are new Indiana Jones Legos, they have gone crazy. You can go online and vote for David's lego creations:

Just go to the gallery, and enter the user name Davidmay04 .
Then click on a picture and press the vote icon.
Caleb is not ready to post his on the Lego website until they are finished, and then he will name them.

Indiana Jones Museum by David 2/16/08

INDI by David May 2/14/08

Caleb Creation #1

Caleb Creation #2


Amy Hudson said...

The website address you gave to go vote doesn't work. I couldn't find the contest on the Lego site either.

Amy Hudson said...

It works now and I have voted!!