Friday, February 22, 2008

Indiana Jones

I have aways said my boys would never play with sticks, or guns, or swords. And I have learned that I am not helping them become men by choosing that mindset. So over time, I have encouraged the use of swords, invented a "stranger" for my boys to have a common enemy to fight, I have taught gun safety using a cap gun, and last week I made a whip out of string, a kite stick, and masking tape (very MacGyver).
I did this so David could play
Indiana Jones "The greatest adventurer in the world, MOM".

You will notice the fedora in the pictures. This was the hat my Dad gave to my Grandfather. After my Grandfather passed away Dad gave the hat to David. David has taken really good care of this hat. And I think it will be really cool that in 10 years he will have had a million adventures in this hat. I thank God for such a wonderful Father, he is very intentional in his gifts and teachings.

I am so thrilled to have an almost 8 year old whose imagination is still wide open. He encourages everyone to play along with him. So much so that Julia was the bad girl in the backyard Tuesday, and was using little sti
to "bomb" Indiana Jones.
-Side Story-

Then she needed a break and came in and used the restroom. Where she decided to be like the guy on the commercial and see if she could flush her sticks. Fortunately, the sticks could be broken and flushed right down.
Dreaming of tomorrow!

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