Friday, February 22, 2008

4 Hall Girls - 1

When we first met the Hall Family they only had 2 girls. They lived 2 doors down and were from SWEET HOME ALABAMA. After being in Seminary for a little bit, they added one more and shortly after that, another. As you can imagine they had to move to a bigger house. I have enjoyed watching this family grow and change. The oldest daughter is being home-schooled this year. So I get to see them more now. I also get to watch them if they have something come up. Today the middle child had to go to the doctor. So, I just had to get a cutie-pie picture!


The Hall's said...

HOW SWEET! Thank you so much for keeping the girls. They love to stay with you and I feel like I can always ask you and you enjoy it and not be burdened by them (if that is not the way you feel you are great at faking it! HA!). Really, we do appreciate it! Oh, and Lizzie thought she needed to bring home the girls purple measuring spoons but I left them in the car so we can get them back to you. Sorry!


Peas on Earth said...

That oldest one is a sweetheart! I don't know the others. How fun! :-)