Saturday, February 23, 2008


There is no picture for this, so just use your imagination. I observed this in my kitchen....
"There is a bug, a bug." Abigail squealing rather high pitched
"Caleb, Come here. There's a bug." Julia says very matter of fact
Caleb quickly makes his way to the kitchen. Leans in real close to the bug, and says, "I will a need a shoe, I will return it when I am finished."
Since he is on his knees, he looks back and forth to each girl, who has the bug surrounded. Julia holds her foot up. Caleb , now looking like the footman from Cinderella, gingerly lifts her shoe off of her foot. He leans down, smashes the bug, and returns the shoe to her foot. Abigail claps and grabs a paper towel. Caleb scoops up the bug stuff and puts it in the garbage. Now for those of you who don't have girls, you don't realize that Caleb has just given my daughters a gift. One day, in the far away future, they will be looking for a husband. And maybe, they will find a man who will come and rescue them from all the scary things in life. So today, Caleb was more than his usual bug-man, he was a PROTECTOR!


Teresa said...

That might be the cutest story ever! Of course, I am picturing the chubby cheeked Caleb from 2 years ago saying this, but I see from the pictures that everyone has grown up!!!

Teresa said...

Here's another cute toddler story: This is one of the pastor's at my church.