Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet Luke and Noelle Rau

Luke came to the Hospitality House when he was a single gentleman. Once he arrived in Afghanistan, he met Noelle. They began spending time together, feel in love, and were married when they both returned to the states. Luke brought Noelle to the Hospitality House, and they became plugged in to the ministry as a married couple. Noelle has 3 children and even though Luke might not be their Father, he is their Dad. It has been a real joy for us to get to know this family. They love the Lord and strive to know Him more. In the past few months, Noelle has gotten out of the Army and has become a stay at home Mom. Luke will be deploying in June. Please pray for this family. The children are going to have a hard time not having their Dad around. Noelle will not have the relief of a husband coming home at the end of the day to help her. This family is taking on some changes. Pray for them.

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Caron said...

Two cool people! They definitely love the Lord and are GREAT servants!!!