Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Going Out on a Limb: A Missionary Partnership Development Journey

Thursday, March 10, 2011

written by Elizabeth May

the May family
“Go out on a limb—that is where the fruit is.”

This was a quote that went over and over in my mind as our family knew we had to take a huge step of faith. We were appointed as Alpha missionaries with Cadence in June of 2008. Our partnership development was coming along, but not as nicely as we needed it to. So in May of 2010 my husband resigned from his job and we decided to travel the country preaching and sharing about Cadence. We put all of our belongings in a storage unit in north Alabama, loaded our mini-van with our suitcases, tent, and everything else we thought we might need for 6 months…6 months is now turning into 1 year.

We have traveled to Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We stayed with individuals along the way, meeting and spending time with our brothers and sisters in Christ and camping in various campgrounds. While camping, we learned a lot about ourselves and those who lived a pioneer life. Gathering firewood for 3 meals a day, washing the same dishes 3 times a day, keeping mud out of our tent, not always having flush toilets, and trying to stay cool made us appreciate everyday amenities. Along the way we visited some great tourist stops: The Tennessee State Museum, Pony Express Museum, Precious Moments Chapel, Abraham Lincoln’s home, Wal-Mart museum, and many more. We have tried to eat food that was a local treat: Cheese curds, roasted corn, deep dish pizza, and tex-mex.

Throughout this time God has been with us. Anywhere there was rain this summer, you can guarantee, our tent was under it. We survived a damaging storm with 80 mile an hour winds that forced us out of our tent in the dead of night. Our tent sustained only minor damage, and we were provided with a cabin to stay in for the night where we hung out all our clothes to dry. Our turtle shell opened causing us to lose some bedding; God used His people to replace some of it, and some of it is still lost.

It is currently March, we have been assigned to the Fort Hood Hospitality House and we are at 70% of our financial goal. We know God will provide the remainder in time for us to start our work on September 1, 2011. We are putting our belongings in a storage unit in Fort Hood and traveling around Texas raising the last of our support.

This adventure has not always been easy; we have felt discouraged, frustrated, scared, and sometimes very lonely. But along the way, we have held onto the truth that we knew God wanted us to trust Him enough to truly follow Him. I feel God is changing our course for a home now. Our children are ready to see their toys, we all long for school days that take place at a desk versus a picnic table, and we are ready to be ministering to our soldiers. There is a quickening in our spirit that lets us know this part of our journey is coming to a close. The question is how will the chapter end? One thing I know for sure, my family will follow God anywhere He asks…besides the tent is packed!

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Rachael said...

Very cool story (I mean I knew it just cool to read it. :D) Hope being back in Texas is going great.