Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Ellie and Julia

This is Ellie and her daughter Julia. Ellie is a recent Single Mom. She is preparing for her deployment in June. Julia is a delight to be around, and of course, our Julia loves her. I just recently met these two. My heart breaks for Ellie. Julia will be going to stay with Ellie's sister while her Mom goes off to war. As a Mom, I am hurting for Ellie. Can you imagine missing one year from your childs life? Not seeing her learn to swim, not watching her go to her first day of preschool, seeing her perform in her first ballet recital. These are real people, real sacrifices, real honor, real COURAGE. Join me in praying for Ellie and Julia as June's deployment is not far away. I promise when we tell them good-bye on Friday, I will give them both lots of hugs!!


Beth said...

No, I cannot even imagine. I miss Libby so badly when I have to travel for work or go out of town for the weekend. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am!

Maggie Chou said...

Found your blog while linking to Casey's. I have never heard of military missions, so cool! Looking forward to reading up on it!
Maggie Chou

The May Family said...

Beth, doesn't it just get your heart. I was filled with emotion of thankfulness and sadness at the same time.I do plan on keeping in touch with her while she is deployed, so I will update you on her too.

Maggie, thanks for reading and learning more about what we do and why we do it.