Friday, October 22, 2010

Mission Field

After being in the Soldier's Hospitality House for the last 3 weeks, we are ready to go. I think before I might have thought I was ready in some dream like way. But now, we are ready to work in our house. Ready to come along and disciple soldiers, to encourage them, to cheer with them, cook for them, and befriend them. It has been great getting to know the soldiers we have met here. One thing I know that I like about the military is this: They make friends easy too. I guess they are always on the move and are use to being together. It reminds a lot of our seminary days.

I know that all of us feel ready to get to work from this little moment with David today:

We took the kids to McDonald's to play on the playground. They are having the Monopoly game going and you could win 1 Million dollars. Well, David saw this, and said "If we win this, we could go straight to the mission field and get to work." I was so humbled and blown away that my 10 year old gets it. He didn't say anything about an XBOX 360, Netbook, MP3 player, toys, movies, etc. This boy wants to get on with the Lord's work. I was so thankful that God let me see his heart in this ministry too.

With that said, we grow closer and closer each day to going on the field, can you join us??


Danell said...

praying for you guys to get the last of your support.

The May Family said...

Thanks Danell, love you all! Keeping praying for us!