Monday, October 18, 2010

Fort Hood Hospitality House- Banquet

Our Family getting ready to greet people.

Soldier "T". Sweet guy, loves the Lord and has been blessed by the house.

Praying over "J" who left on Thursday for Afghanistan

Spouse wife "I" who encouraged everyone to remember the spouses. She shared how the house had helper her and her daughter while her husband has been in Afghanistan.

Officer "J" who loves the Bible studies and spiritual growth he gets at the house.

Soldier "L" who came to the house before he went to Iraq. He became a Christian and grew before he left. While in Iraq he meets his wife Soldier "N". After returning from deployment they have made the Hospitality House their other home and grow here, as well as volunteer here. Precious family.

Soldier "J" - chatting before the banquet.

Mr. & Mrs. Hyde who are the other Cadence missionaries here at Ft. Hood.

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