Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't make this stuff up!!

STORY ONE: I was not sure if David was excited about going to Disney World. He has made a few cheerful comments, but not to the level Others of us have. But last night when he was writing his spelling sentences, he put the date on the top of his paper. That was good, but he followed it with: WDW 9-11-09!!

STORY TWO: Abigail "I am so excited I am gonna get to meet Aerial in her feet." In other words Aerial will be in a dress and not a fin!!

STORY THREE: Abigail lost her first tooth. And I cried like a baby. I didn't even know I would. The end of another chapter. Such bittersweet milestones!

STORY FOUR: A little girl at Veritas wanted to kiss Caleb. Well he came and told me and sat down next to me and said "Mom I don't want to kiss girls yet, I want to save kisses for my wife."

STORY FIVE: We picked up three bags of hand me down clothes yesterday. Julia was so excited about the pair of flannel pajamas she put them on over her clothes.

STORY SIX: Last night, Caleb and David climbed into bed. The light was off, and Caleb felt something climb on his arm. He brushed it off, but was pretty scared. I tried to laugh and make light of it. We lifted the mattress, shook out the covers, etc. Caleb was convinced it was a frog. And he just couldn't go to sleep. I mean he was crying that he didn't want to get back in that bed. So just as I had comforted him enough to get him to lay down I saw the 2 inch long cockroach running across the floor. Chris (who is deathly afraid of these bugs) barely handed me some tissues. I killed the bug and scooped him up in the tissues to flush. But then I had to make Caleb laugh and feel better. So I snuck in the bathroom threw the tissues in the toilet, got some clean tissues, and rolled them up in a ball. Then I went sneaking around into the living room. Chris was already on his feet anticipating a threat and I threw those tissues on him and he freaked out! David, Caleb, and I laughed til we almost wet out pants. Don't be mad. Chris thinks it is funny later!!

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