Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only my Son could say this....

JULIA: Mom Caleb is in his bedroom telling his friend a secret and won't let the girls in.
CALEB: yes m'am (guilt written all over his face)
MOM: Are you telling secrets?
CALEB: yes (embarrased and blushing)
MOM: What are you talking about that the girls can't hear?
CALEB: Hot (barely above a whisper)
MOM: ??? HOT??? What's HOT?
CALEB: Who's hot Moma? POISION IVY (on the Lego Batman Wii Game)
MOM: And why can't the girls hear that?
CALEB: because I should have said cute. Saying HOT is ugly to girls.
MOM: Yes it is Caleb, thank you for thinking of them and being kind to their hearts.
CALEB: I'm sorry Moma, I won't say Hot again.

At this point Caleb walks off, and I am left with three thoughts:
1. I hope he always protects their hearts...especially from boy talk!
2. That is not the last time he is gonna call a girl hot..he may not know that now, but I do.
3. I have got to hold it together...I am the Mother!