Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are in route on our way home from our " 4 Parks, 3 Generations, 1 Magical Vacation". It has been a blast. I had a unscheduled minor procedure done right before we left home. i expected this to be a huge set back. Fortunately, Judy took care of me til my Mom got in town, and then mom took over, well, being Mom. So, it didn't slow us down too much.

Highlights in Words:
"I love seeing the princess'"
"That was AWESOME" - Haunted Mansion-David
"We are gonna do it AGAIN" - Splash Mountain-Caleb
"I'm scared" - Splash Mountain - Julia
"I don't want to get wet"- Splash Mountain- David & Me
"I love rollercoasters" - Big thunder Mountain railroad - Abigail
"I only get to watch this in 1D" -Mickey's Philharmagic- Nate
"I need a drink" -EVERYBODY
"I liked your movie" - to Tink - Julia
"For Narnia" - the kids with Prince Caspain
"I like you." - to Minnie Mouse - Abigail
"I'm tired." - EVERYBODY
"That was Awesome" - Illuminations - Julia
"OOH, OOH, John Smith" - Illuminations - David
"This is so good. This is my 5th one". - Beirgarten's Pretzel Rolls - Me
"That was the best food we had to eat." Beirgarten - Chris
"That was a really great movie." - the American Adventure - David
"That was a great movie...for sleeping" - the American Adventure - Nate
" It really is pretty" - the Castle - Mom
"Talk in your Aerial voice Mama" - Julia
"We gotta ride that again" - Soarin' - EVERYBODY

More to Follow.....