Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Friday!! or FUNNY Friday!!

Caleb wanted to spend the last of his birthday and Christmas money. So I took him to Gamestop. While we were there, he bought his brother a new DS game. He wanted them each to have a new game. I just thought it was so sweet.

We were sitting at the table eating dinner, and Abigail was claiming she could do something different that Julia because "I am an inch taller than her." "No you're not Abigail." "Well, I feel like I am!"

After dinner, Chris was going through some clothes. He found a shirt that was stripped with bright colors. Julia said "Hey, that shirt's like the one that boy wears." "What boy?" "You know, that boy." To which she runs to her room and returns with a book titled "Joseph loved God." We laughed so very long at this one!!

And then just as Chris and I were falling asleep I realized "Our girls will be 5 in six weeks." To which, I cried.


Peas on Earth said...

Five? How is that possible?? :-)

What is your status with Cadence?

The May Family said...

It is going well, slowly but surely. Just got our video proof this week.It is awesome!! So now, we just have to do our support raising. So far we have 3 supporters!! How about y'all? I know summer is the date, but what's next?? Do y'all need more money?? We think we are being assigned to the US as our first location. We are praying for Alaska. Are y'all still going to Papa New Guinea? Did your hubby get my note about watching Survivorman go there? It was really neat!!

Angie Yeats said...

5 hit me hard too! Although now Briley keeps telling everyone..."I'm turning 6 years old and going to 1st grade next year." How can they be getting so big!