Monday, January 26, 2009


While I was tucking the girls in the other night, they got to talking about death. I don't know why they were talking about people dying, but it was a very bizzare conversation to have with 4 year olds. I was explaining how most people die when they are older, with wrinkles. Julia got really upset and said "Oh no, I have dimples." "Not dimples sweetie, Wrinkles!" "Oh, ok." She had to have some hugs to soothe her heart.

Then Abigail asked "Do we go to heaven before or after the rocks cry?" It took me a little bit to figure out the she had heard a song about the mountains bowing down, the oceans and rocks crying out Praise. It was really precious.

But we had to talk about how everyone is born and everyone dies. It was rather sad, but we talked about heaven, and Jesus, and Leif and Granny Sue, and it was truly precious.

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