Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There are some really good Christmas pictures. However, Chris has had to clean both of our computers and the pictures aren't back on either one yet. So my brother is going nuts....Love you Nate, so here is an update. We have had the most fun with our Surprise present..the Wii. We have Bowled, Boxed, Golfed, played tennis, been Batman and Robin and played with our pets on Little Pet Shop. The girls have cooked like mad in their new kitchen and the boys have built all sorts of stuff with the legos. We have also played with our Easy Bake Oven Cupcake Pen. And I have used my new "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day" book to make a hot batch of white bread everyday. Which has made for a nice mix from my usual wheat. Chris busted out the new fire pit and cooked us some dogs! And then David has been having fun with his new teacher "Dad". In the mean time, we have been working on the final touches of our Cadence video. So it has been a busy month. And I have a secret mission I am working on next week. If you really want to know the BIG secret leave me a message, and I will tell you. Have a good week!!


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Teresa said...

I want to know! Secrets are no fun unless you are on the "in the know" side of the secret! : ) AND I'm really good at keeping them too!

Angie Yeats said...

:o ) hee hee!