Monday, November 3, 2008

How the Lord blessed me....painfully!

I have been wanting to give up my desire/addiction to Coca-Cola for a long time. When we were in Colorado for our Cadence training, we had to drink water because of the altitude, so I gave up the Coke. Not to mention, since we weren't in the South, Coke wasn't readily available. When we got home though, there was an ice-cold 12 pack waiting in my fridge. So right back to the Coke drinking I went. Well, here I am trying to change our diet, and I have to get rid of these cokes, but my heartburn kept getting so bad, that I kept drinking them. Since I seem to forget to talk to the Lord about these issues, I finally decided to talk to the Lord about it. And that night, after drinking the last coke, I got so sick. My heartburn was horrible. I was up all night, took 3 Pepcids, 2 LARGE glasses of milk (I hate drinking milk), and a half a bottle of Pepto Bismol. None of which brought relief. I even had to sleep propped up on some pillows just to rest. It was a long horrible night. The next morning my throat was so raw from the acid reflux that I could hardly talk. My PRECIOUS husband got up and fixed me some of his wonderful Sweet Tea. That was the last time I have had a Coke. It has been several weeks now, and I don't know if I will drink one any time soon. I am praising God for that long night. It truly broke my desire for the drink I wanted to get out of my diet. Please don't be foolish like me, remember to talk to the Lord about everything!

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