Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We went to vote today. And since we had Grant's Flat Stanley we decided to let him go with us to vote. Flat Stanley got to meet Mrs. Peggy Martin. She is the former Mayor of Phenix City and was running for Russell County Commissioner (R). So Caleb and Flat Stanley got their picture made.

Flat Stanley must have been nervous, he didn't say anything to Mrs. Peggy.

Then we waited in line. Flat Stanley was very patient.
He didn't say a word the whole time we were in line.

After putting our ballot in the box, we all got our "I voted" stickers.

Caleb and Flat Stanley showing off their stickers.

Ben & Jerry's is giving away Ice Cream tonight, Krispy Kreme is giving away doughnuts, and Starbucks is giving away coffee, all if you have your "I Voted" sticker on. We were going to take the kids out, but Chris has drama practice tonight. Abigail said we didn't need to go out, we have ice cream in our freezer!

Funny political talk
Abigail - "Mom I know who Aunt Judy is gonna vote for." How do you know?" "I asked her!"
Abigail - "Mom, let's not vote for Obombo okay? I want McCain to win"
Julia - "I like them giving you a sticker. Voting is nice."
Caleb - "So that's it?' - sounding rather disappointed. I think he was hoping the nominees would be there.
David - "It was cool. I don't know how those machines read those papers though."


The Hall's said...

Cute post!

Amy Hudson said...

Grant loved the pictures of Stanley and can't wait to have him back in the classroom! Thank you friends!

Curry's said...

I love the "conversation" among the kids. Jason and I laughed really hard!