Tuesday, November 11, 2008

End of The Homeschool Co-Op

We have had such a great time. It has been a growing time for us as we have tried to find new home school friends. David took 2 classes 1. The Human Body and 2. Bubbles, Explosions, Science Fun. Can you find him - waiting in the corner for his lungs...they made a full size body poster of themselves, and finished it on the last day.

Julia and Abigail took Preschool Bible time. They have enjoyed Bible stories, Coloring, making friends, and playing on the playground.

Caleb studied Animal Habitats and Bug Safari. He loved his class every week, especially the week his class studied ocean animals and he got to show off his jellyfish sting. Just like a man, still showing off his scar and bragging how he can now swallow a Benadryl whole!

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