Thursday, August 14, 2008


Can you really have too much Olympics?

You know we might be watching too much when:

David was figuring out the math to see if he would be old enough to compete in London in 2012.

Caleb asked to go swimming so he could work on his own personal record.

Abigail & Julia tried to use their ballet bar as the uneven bars.

The pastor asked me why I looked so tired last night, And I had to explain how the USA Girls Gymnanstic Team needed me to stay up til 1:30 AM to cheer them on to their silver medal!

You see today's copy of the Phenix Citizen and hope Mrs. Fran remembers to tell Michael (Phelps) hello for your family!

You are counting down how many minutes until Michael (again, Phelps) swims tonight.

Your Direct TV went out in the storm and the kids had to make a pallet on the floor in the bedroom to watch the games on the 12 inch tv.

David learned the largest player in the games was the several hundred pound player from GUAM! And David said he could go there now, they must have food!

Your husband played World of Warcraft (online computer game) just so he could get all his players Olympic outfits!

You are already thinking on the Winter Games

When standing in the check-out line at the Piggly Wiggly, Julia tells the woman in line behind us (who is looking at the cover of the newspaper), "That is Michael Phelps." "Me and my boys watch him every night."

And you heard your children adding up what it might cost to take them to London. Cause we need to SEE the next one!

I am sure there will be more in the coming days!!


Angie Yeats said...

Yeah...or your children have to move the furniture in the room for their own tumbling routines...hands in the air before AND after...and then hugs from all their coaches (kisses if they were REALLY good). I LOVE IT!

Amy said...

I see that Olympic fever has infected all of our kids! Isn't it exciting!