Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

For School, we have been reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. So one night, the boys wanted me to make some pictures of them playing Sherwood Forrest. The girls, who were already in the bed, heard the news, and begged to come out and play. And who was I to deny the bond of siblings in a school field trip to the corner of the yard. David is wearing his grandfathers Robin Hood Hat. My Dad wore this in a play in elementary school. I am still amazed is how each of the kids knows their "role". David is always the lead character and Caleb the supporting. So as you might have guessed, David is Robin hood and Caleb is Little John. The girls take turn in being the lead girl. This time, Julia is playing Maid Marion. Abigail is a village girl.

Looking for the sheriff.

The bow staff made from elastic cording and a good stick.

Robin hood and his lady Maid Marion

On the way back to Sherwood Forrest from Nottinghamtown.

Leaving Nottinghamshire.

The day Robin Hood met Little John. Little John uses his quarterstaff and gives Robin Hood a licking. This ensures his entry into the band of Merry Men

Look out ye nobles, Here lives Robin hood.

Maid Marion upon his visit to the Great Oak. In our case, the Catawba tree.


Curry's said...

I miss those kids and their imagination! How fun!

The Hall's said...

Cute post! I love it!

Miss y'all

Gayle said...

What FUN FUN!! Such a great way to learn and reinforce reading! Good JOB MOM!

Love ya and miss you!

Mama Gayle