Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting ready to go BACK TO SCHOOL!

We had a fun day today. We spent the day doing some prep work for school. We read our next Magic Tree House book, Civil War on Sunday. David wanted to know if we had any people in our family who fought in the Civil War, so we made a quick phone call to Grandma Jan and checked out the family tree. Then we moved on to some other activities.

Cute Boys!

We looked at fractions and used our weighted fraction pieces to see what combination of fractions make a whole unit.

Then we used Fraction Pizza manipulative's. All these fun manipulative's came from Learning Resources. Grandma Jan and I just love to buy educational stuff for the kids!!

The boys decided it would be fun to mix and make some soaps. They learned this from Tyler in Texas. So they tinkered around making good smelling stuff.

And of course, when we have school, we sometimes have trouble listening to one another. So today I stopped my lesson, blindfolded the boys, and made the girls hide. The girls called their names until the boys could find them. This helped all the kids re-focus on listening to each other and the rest of the lesson went smoothly.

Then David and I cooked dinner, while the others cleaned the house up for Daddy. After dinner, all the kids got into their pajamas and we settled in for our family night activity (see below), MOVIE NIGHT. We watched Bridge to Terabithia. Now, the girls are in the bed, and the boys are 3 minutes away from theirs.

Chris decided we needed to have some concentrated family time each night. So using card protectors we all added the activity we wanted. Here is what the deck looks like so far:
Family Worship (David's) - Monday Night
Science Experiment (Caleb's) - Tuesday Night
Movie Night (Chris') - Thursday Night
Talent Show
Making a Movie
Game Night
Family Tea Party (guess who wanted this?)
Mixed - Up Family (Chris & I become the kids)
Nature Walk


Amy said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

Bakershire said...

So you started school you are on the ball!

Teresa said...

Elizabeth, you are an amazing mom. Before I have kids, can I come live at your house to learn from you? : )