Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Good Deals

Okay, I joined and have been stockpiling on items on sale. I wanted to show you how proud I was of this weeks deals.

If you too check out this website an think it is a good deal, put in my e-mail and I will earn a free week!
SCHOOL SUPPLIES - crayons .20 each, pencils .01 each,
pencil boxes .01 each, glue sticks .20 each, pencil sharpeners .01 each,
spiral notebooks .10 each, composition books .50 each. and
liquid glue .09 each

TOILETRIES - pantene shampoo & conditioner .33 each
crest toothpaste .24 each, oral-b toothbrushes .24 each

CEREAL - GENERAL MILLS $1 each...bought 14 boxes

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