Thursday, July 5, 2007


We had a nice relaxing day today. We went out to Mom and Dad's and just rested. The kids played, Dad cut the grass, and Mom and I played dominoes. On the way to pick up Chris from work (yes, Lifeway was open, and did as much in sales as they do during their busiest days), we bought fireworks. I only spent $15 on fireworks, thinking that way they would last a while. I knew that our new neighbors the Harrison's probably hadn't had time to finish unpacking to do fireworks, so we called them over. Then our other neighbor's drove by and we told them to come down and do fireworks with us too. So in a matter of 10 minutes, we had a little party! It was fun to watch Chris shoot the tanks and the little sparkling balls. I really thought we would burn those fireworks in about 20 minutes, but after one and a half hours, we called it a night. We saved the rest of them for our 5th of July party! See you tonight!

Gathered around the porch: My neighbor and friend is making pictures, I am lighting sparklers, Ruth is passing out the sparklers, One of the Dads has gone home to fix his kids bath water, Chris and Matt are helping the little ones, and the kids are having a blast!

The Kids!

Mom And David getting ready

The girls saying "Bippity - Boppity - Bo" like the Fairy Godmother!

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