Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plans, Plans, & more Crazy Plans!!!

We are making plans! We have rearranged our house, to make rooms for the plans. We have converted our den into the packing and yard sale area. Our bedroom now has a section for the summer trip. Chris has been busy making phone calls and writing letters to meet with both people in town and the people we plan to visit this summer. I have been busy mailing packages, making our lists of stuff we need, ordering Cadence polos, homeschooling, researching camp grounds, and trying to follow any and all leads of people who want to know about Cadence. God is really exciting us. I just can't help it. Knowing that we are heading into the next step is not scary but so thrilling! To be exactly where God wants us to be is Thrilling. I want to just shout out my excitement.

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