Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chris has been SUPER busy.

Chris has been SUPER busy. He is placing calls to all our contacts, and lining up our summer trip. Some of you have even shared names of your friends to add to our list. We got our tent, and it is big enough for all of us and our stuff. Wonderful! We are getting more and more excited, and have started getting stuff together for our BIG yard sale. We are looking forward to enjoying our last 10 weeks here in Alabama. So I plan to spend my days packing, and enjoying my family! WE are getting more and more excited to go. Chris is writing our newsletter tonight. I will give him the pictures tomorrow and off it goes to printing. So look for it in the mail soon.

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Rachael said...

Hey do you guys know what specific dates you will be here...I know it's probably early to tell, and doesn't matter much to us, we will be around, but would like to talk to talk to the pastors about you guys talking to the church, they are huge missionary supporters, but would probably be better if we knew ahead of time. By ahead of time I mean a couple of weeks though. Also if you guys stay at the cabin, I think you will have a break from the tent and be able to sleep in beds while you're here (well the girls will have to sleep on cots I think.) Can't wait to see you!!!