Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Funny's

While we were taking the kids to the library the other day, I was reviewing the rules for whispering, to which Abigail replied "We can just talk in our heads." As if this is an everyday occurrence. Do you think it is a twin thing? Made me wonder.

Caleb started singing Alvin and the Chipmunks song to just about everyone who would listen. It started as a verse and a chorus. But by tonight, he has added the "hula hoop" part, and is swinging his hips to a fro. If I had video capability, I would upload it for all to see, cause it is a riot!!

This year, Abigail and Julia have LOVED their ornaments, and often go over to the ballerinas and just hold them gingerly in their little hands. Touching them with the ends of their little fingers. It really is precious.

As a family we are trying to memorize the genealogy of Jesus. So I love to hear "Abraham had Issac, Issac he had Jacob, Jacob he had Judah and his kin." It makes me smile!

This year, no one ate all the advent calendar's early. So that was a good sign, it means that Abigail and Julia are getting older. And we have really enjoyed chatting about the holidays over our morning chocolate. I am afraid that my kids now think that the advent is their "coffee". Can't make it through he day without my advent!!

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