Sunday, December 7, 2008

Caleb's Birthday

When Granny Sue died, I got her mini bundt pan. Caleb has wanted to make these pumpkin cupcakes form the moment he saw the pan in the cabinet (I think he was 3). So this year, he choose these as his "birthday cake". We iced them in orange and added little green dots to make the stems. He LOVED them!!

This year's theme was AGENTS.
So we played "master of disguise" relay race.

The movie producer, David, capturing all the birthday memories

The Laser game in the den! A yarn maze.

Chris reading about the Special Agent Caleb is named for.
I really like to incorporate our faith in their special days.
So reading about Caleb from the Bible just made Caleb smile all over!

About to blow out all the candles.

Enjoying opening the presents!!

A package arrived later int he afternoon. 2 presents and a shoe. This one is for you Grant!!


Amy Hudson said...

Grant says it looked like a fun birthday party and we wished we could have been there! You are a super spy Caleb!

Gayle said...

Was excited to know the package arrived during the party!! Talk about perfect timing! Love and miss you all. Caleb, I am gald you had a GREAT party! Love Miss Grammie