Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny tails for today

CALEB - he came over to me while I was sitting in the recliner, lifted the back of my hair, and began running his fingers through my hair. "What ya doin' Buddy?" "So when do you get them, when you become a mom, or when you become a woman?" I giggled. "Honey, I don't really have eyes in the back of my head, that is just a saying."

ABIGAIL - was sitting at the counter while I was discussing possible locations for the Hospitality House. "I don't want to go to Guam." "Why not?" "I have cute winter clothes. I want to go to Alaska."

JULIA - "Cucumber sandwiches are really good. And if you get the cut one (cookie cutter shaped) it is really good!" We had a tea party for lunch.

DAVID - "I like cooking with Dad. And cooking with the hammer and the blood is fun too." We all cooked dinner tonight for Brian, Mason, and Chad. The boys helped tenderize the beef!

ABIGAIL - after finishing the story of Little Red Riding Hood (which is a little scary), Abigail had a better idea. " I know a better story. Once upon a time this little girl wanted to take her Grandmama Jan some cookies and the tiger got Grandmama Jan and put her in the closet. But Daddy Barron used his muscles to knock the door down and Abigail, Grandmama Jan, and Daddy Barron ate all the cookies. The end."

CALEB- an oldie but goodie. He told this to Brian tonight. When Chris was teaching the boys about loving the Lord with all your strength, he asked them if they knew what it meant. Caleb ran over to the mattress, picked it up, dropped it down, and said "I Love you God!" Caleb is still proud of this story and was happy to demonstrate it to
Brian tonight!

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Anonymous said...

It's good that you write this stuff down. I remember funny stuff Gracie and Noah have said, but I'm sure I don't remember half of it. Blessings!