Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friends from Far are near to the Heart


We lived next door to Johnny and Sylvia when we were at Southwestern together. Sylvia and I laughed together, prayed together, moved furniture, swapped home schooling secrets, shared groceries, and truly lived life side by side. She was and still is a rock I can count on. Johnny and Chris spent time together talking over whatever it is men discuss when they eat hot wings together, walk to class, or sitting the car. Johnny and Sylvia now live in Panama City where Johnny is the youth pastor at Hyland Park Baptist Church. We were so happy they had to drive through Phenix City on the way home from a trip! It was nice catching up with them and getting to re-connect with these precious Christian friends.

Me & Sylvia and Baby Justin

Johnny and Chris

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The Hall's said...

AWWWW... How sweet! So glad you got to see them! Frienships we will always treasure! We miss you all!