Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This week

Well, this week has been interesting. I will start with today and work my way backwards:

Wednesday: David got invited to go to Happy Hoppers and bounce. He had so much fun and seemed to really come out of his shell. I got my sofa cleaned, I thought it had been ruined. I sat and visited with some ladies at church and ran my ideas about the hospitality house by them. Caleb and Chris did some window shopping today.

Tuesday: Chris' Dad George, came for a visit. It was good to see him. The winds were so strong it blew over our neighbors trampoline. Visited with some neighbors, and got some flax seed to try in our oatmeal.

Monday: Chris had school. Me and the kids went to the grocery store. David really is getting into coupon math. Makes me happy.

Sunday: I was so sick. I had an upset stomach. Finally figured out it was all the green salads I've been eating. Or the whole bowl of guacamole I had the night before. Onions and I aren't friends.

So here is the first part of the week. I might finish the rest of week later. George is in town and will be with us all weekend. David is happy he will be at the basketball game!

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