Thursday, January 17, 2008


I had entered into the sanctuary listening to God. I had asked for him to speak to me all morning about his will for us. I was thinking about the soldiers we would come in contact with and how I was having faith in God to lead us in our spiritual walk. I am constantly hungry for what God is trying to tell me in the little things. And then I read this from our pastor "One of the often overlooked aspects of worship is rest. In Tolkein's Lord of The Rings, the hobbits and their friends endure life-threating dangers and then come to Rivendell, the land of the Elves. There they rest and recuperate before their quest calls them forward. Soon all fear and anxiety is lifted. The danger of their mission was not forgotten, but ceased to have the power to overburden them. Health and hope grow strong again."

I really felt like that is one of the desires of our Hospitality House to provide a place for health and hope to grow strong again. I hope our home can be a "Rivendell" for everyone no matter where it is located.

So take some time and find a place to rest in our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Rick said...

Hey, did you see I wrote a post too about what you said about Rivendell? Different words, but I hope I captured what you were saying. Can I link to your post from my blog?

Peas on Earth said...

Mays, As former military touched greatly by the ministry of Cadence International, we wish you God speed in this venture! We are so happy for you! And, as you know, are traveling a very similar road right now! I hope we can encourage each other along the way! =)
Love you guys!