Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The May's

The May Family
The plan had originally been for the boys to stay with Brian and that me and the girls to stay at Parkers. And since those houses are so close, we thought this would be perfect. But, we didn't plan on the kids all wanting to stay with Aunt Judy and Uncle Charles. So our Aunt and uncle spoiled us by letting us have all the evenings to ourselves at Brian's. We got to spend some really good time with our family and friends while we were in town. It was a small act on Charles and Judy's part, but it made Chris and I feel spoiled!
It was Amy and Charles Birthday as soon as we got to town! We often feel like we miss out on so many activities, and celebrations, that it was nice to be present.

Julia and Paw-Paw.

We unloaded the car and Julia went straight for Parker. I find that ironic. I think she looks the most the May's. Parker seemed to really enjoy having all the kids there. He liked to watch Charles and Judy spoil them too.

Daisy and Leo

These are Amy and Ashleys dogs. At first the girls were hesitant. But by the end of the week they were giving commands like "hush dog" and "get down". They could even tell these matching dogs apart. I guess that is a twin thing!

Paw-Paw never seems to age. I thought this was a really good picture of Chris and Parker.

Here is Judy giving the kids presents for Amy's Birthday!
Sometimes I wonder just what we are going to do with her!


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