Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Me on a Frustrated Day.

So for all of you who wonder if I always see life as Sunshine, most of the time I do, today was one of those Storm cloud kind of days.

I am Frustrated. I want to be in Fort hood.

I want to tell my children yes.

I am tired of saying:
"When we raise our support"
"It's in the storage unit"
"When we have our own house"
"It's in the suitcase"
"Please go re-pack your suitcase"
"It's in the storage unit"
"This isn't our house"
"When we have our own house"
"It's in the storage unit"

I am now longing for this time of fund-raising to be over. I am ready to be about my Father's work. And I long to be back in the midst of running my home, cooking meals, washing clothes, sweeping floors, and sleeping in my own bed (even if I can't remember what that feels like anymore).

I know that this is what God has called us to do, and I am content in following Him. I just wanted you to get a glimpse into my heart. And I know that in a few months we will be in our new jobs at our Hospitality House. I also know that even if I don't love washing clothes then, I will be thankful for it.