Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy notes

The girls and I went out running errands tonight. Here is a little bit of the conversation on the way home:

Juila is in Green, Abigail in Red, and I am in Blue.

"I can't wait to be a Mother." "Why Julia?" "Cause I can go to the Vera Bradley store and buy something not just try it on. I can have 100 children and I can stop at a store and get a treat for my kids." "Me too Mommy. I already know my job, and I am gonna be like a policeman. But I can only have 2 kids..a boy and a girl. And if I am not a policeman I might want to work at the library cause I love books. I can only have 2 kids and they have to be a boy and girl so they wont have to share a bed." "Wow, Abigail a policeman? That's good. Do you not like sharing a bed with Julia?" "Oh Mother, my kids are gonna sleep on those bunk beds (trundle beds) in my room like on Little House on the prairie, My husband will have to buy a big bed for us since we are gonna have a 100 children. And I am gonna be Doctor." Wow Julia, why do you want to be a Doctor?" "You know you told us how to hold the screwdriver and ice thing (icepick), and how if you fall on it and it punches a hole in your body not to pull it out? Well, I am going to help people pull it out." "Very Interesting." "Abigail, what if God gave you twin girls would that be okay?" "Yeah, but I would get them a big bed to share." "Well, I guess when we move to the new house you girls want your own bed?" "YEAHHHH". "Can you have 100 babies at one time? Is there a name for twins by 100 babies?" "I don't think you can have 100 babies at one time, Julia. I don't think there would be room in the womb for that." "Oh, Okay."

They went on to talk about their houses and where they would be and they hoped their husbands won't make them move too far from each or David & Caleb. It was very bittersweet.


Danell said...

That is SO sweet!

Amy Hudson said...

Those girls crack me up! Love them and y'all!

Paula said...

That's very sweet. I'm laughing about the ice pick bit!

Praying for you often these days. I'd be feeling a little of every kind of emotion if I was you. Let's spend some time catching up at conference!