Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What sick looks like

So we have all been feeling pretty yucky. I think it is the change in the weather. And now tonight, we have severe storms. So who knows!! But I thought you would all feel better if I told you the truth:

* There are 2 loads of dirty laundry waiting to be washed
* There is one load waiting to be put away
* The dishwasher has clean dishes in it, and the sink is full of dirty dishes
* The kids rooms are slightly dirty
* The bathrooms have all "lost" their towels
* The kitchen is missing me. It needs me to come cook in there.
* My new Nightgown and robe Chris gave me for Valentines day, is really comfy!!
* The kids have terrible runny noses
* I bought 4 different medicines for the kids last night, and forgot mine!
* We have spent some quality time in the living room playing the Wii. and napping!
* We have all had little sleep...coughing and sleeping don't mix!
* I think we are gonna make it!! I went to Bible Study and Church.
* Pray that tomorrow is better.


The Hall's said...

I hope you ALL get better soon! It is really hard when MAMA gets sick. It does make me feel better to know that others struggle with the same daily challenges around the house that I do. The problem is that my list is worse and I don't have sick kiddos right now! Better get busy!

Teresa said...

Sick at my apartment looks like me laying on the couch and watching 10 episodes of Alias. Pathetic, I know, but that's what happened :)! Hope you all feel better very soon!